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How I Manage My Once Debilitating Anxiety

How I Manage My Once Debilitating Anxiety

I felt paralyzed by my anxiety for many years, so much so that I couldn’t even open my curtains to let the sunlight in because I would have a panic attack. I wasn’t able to stand in a room that had yellow-colored walls, either. I remember times when I would vacuum my house and if the vacuum felt just a tiny bit heavier than I was used to it feeling- it sent me into a panic attack. I was crippled by anxiety, I couldn’t go out to eat, go grocery shopping or even go to a family get together without panic attacks. But I’ve studied my anxiety, as I made the decision that I would no longer be a slave to it. I am not a medical doctor, therapist or specialist, but I am a person that has mastered the ways to keep my anxiety at bay and I hope to help someone else by the methods that I use to maintain mine.

The first thing I absolutely had to do was accept my reality. I am a human being, on a spinning planet that will absolutely die one day. I had to accept that this was my reality. The harder I fought this reality, the worse my anxiety became. I have made peace with this existence. My own human body used to send me into panic attacks and it became hard to recognize my own hands and feet at times (yes, this was true). I am human and that is my lot in life. I cannot change that. What I can do is become empowered by that fact. And I have. Acceptance is a form of freedom and acceptance has the power to break the chains of bondage.

The second thing I did was practice grounding techniques. Here are some great examples of grounding techniques. I had to realize that nothing changed around me when I had anxiety. I mapped out the rooms in my house. The stove is still there, check. The fridge is still there, check. The bed is still there, check. I recognized that my environment did not change and it kept me and keeps me grounded to be sure of that during the onset of an anxiety attack. Now it’s time to work internally.

The most important thing I do to manage my anxiety is to speak to it. This may seem strange but it has been life changing for me. I firmly believe that we are able to change everything around us and within us with the words that we speak. Think about it, the words that we speak are a representation of what we believe about ourselves and life around us. I began speaking myself through my panic attacks. When I feel the onset of an anxiety attack I stand in place, ground myself and begin speaking audibly “I am not afraid, I do not have anxiety”. I will say this as many times as I need to until I re-train my brain to believe it. It works every. single. time.

I have learned my anxiety, what triggers it, what causes it and what it takes for me to master it. I am no longer a slave to fear or anxiety because I understand
that I have power to allow it to leave and I hope that makes sense to you. We don’t have to own that anxiety or make it ours, we can choose to be proactive and practice the techniques that help us, instead of allowing it to dominate us. This is true for me, even to this day and I do wish that this may help you.


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  1. Tony
    Tony October 23, 13:52

    Thank you for your Insight for me and my anxiety has been like a fire route if there’s a fire in the house when I start feeling overwhelmed I tried to Center myself I’ve already found the quickest route out of that fire for you my hand along the wall getting away from the crowd and out into the open air I will try some of your techniques and I will sit and believe and listen to the positive words that you upset thank you so much

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  2. Rox
    Rox October 23, 14:38

    I have learned a lot from you..i have social anxiety
    Keep up the good work

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